From the moment Grip bags hit courses, the sport sensed that a new step had been taken forward. The uncomfortable, dumpy, old duffel-style bags suddenly were overmatched on the playing field of the disc golf gear market.

The quiver-style pocket for the most commonly used discs, the form-fitting rain cover, the vertical storage pockets that reduced structural breakdown from common usage patterns, far superior ergonomic comfort, and the sleek and bold form factor drew a line in the sand for the industry, clearly demarcating a new respect for players and their needs that had been previously unknown within disc golf.

For the first two years, we couldn't keep bags in stock for more than a couple of days no matter how many we ordered in!

Previously, the most that the market was commonly willing to spend for a high end bag was around $140, but these were flying off the shelf at $200 with special editions selling out in minutes at $260 and $300. And indeed, many of these special editions still change ownership for $500-$1500 per backpack on the collector market.

Sourcing first from a domestic factory and then adding a larger, very high quality Taiwanese factory allowed us to build up production levels of standard styles, but continue producing small runs of special editions.

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